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Less Pain, More Life

Beyer Regenerative Medicine Utilizes Functional and Regenerative Medicine Therapies

Our Mission Is Regenerate, Rejuvenate and Restore Your Health

Our regenerative medicine clinic serving Tinley Park and Orland Park focuses on caring for clients with chronic pain, arthritis, and chronic inflammatory conditions using innovative regenerative therapies.

Stem cell under a microscope, used in stem cell treatments.

There are a variety of reasons to choose the Beyer Regenerative Medicine for your therapy! Some of the features of our clinic in Tinley Park include our:


Experienced Team

Dr. Ed Beyer has been practicing Functional Medicine since 1988.


Professional & Friendly Staff

Our staff is always willing to serve you and answer any questions


Certification & Training

  • Functional Neurology & Functional Medicine

Tinley Park Stem Cell Therapy – Faster Recovery & Less Complications

Stem cell therapy does not require any surgery and the results have proven to far exceed the common surgery-based autologous procedures. Patients recover faster and there is less potential for complications.

Pink stem cells under a microscope, used for stem cell therapy
DNA helix used for stem cell therapy

Benefits of Stem Therapy for Anti-Aging at this Orland Park Area Clinic

Receive the most effective, safe, and advanced regenerative stem cell therapy available. Our unique mesenchymal stem cell therapy activates your body’s own self-healing mechanisms for cellular/tissue regeneration and repair.

Better Health Starts Here

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“I can walk down the stairs forward for the first time in over two years.”