At Beyer Stem Cell Institute in Tinley Park, our provider is trained in functional neurology and functional medicine. But what does that mean when it comes to treatment options — and stem cell therapy? 

In a previous post, we talked about what functional medicine is and how regenerative treatment options, like stem cell therapy, work to help find the root of the problem. Today, we are going to focus on the benefits of functional medicine and how a functional medicine provider can help you find pain relief from chronic pain or find solutions for a condition or concerns you have about your health.

If you’re ready to experience the regenerative abilities of stem cell therapy, make sure you stop by Beyer Stem Cell Institute. If you have more questions about stem cells, you can attend one of our local stem cell therapy seminars to hear from Dr. Ed Beyer and learn more about the application of and the science behind stem cells. 

Functional Medicine

Functional medicine takes a contemporary approach to health and the treatment of chronic conditions and chronic pain. Using a different approach than health care, functional medicine is entirely focused on treating each individual patient. This varies from other healthcare providers who are more focused on treating acute illnesses, like pneumonia, tuberculosis, and common colds. 

There are many benefits that come from choosing a functional medicine provider. Read through some of those benefits and see if our functional medicine provider that allows you take control of your chronic pain and help you put your health first. 

Finding the Problem

Functional medicine focuses on the individual with the goal of finding the root cause of your health problems. This gives you a provider who doesn’t just want to treat your symptoms. Instead, you can work with the provider to pinpoint the cause of the problem or pain and work on treating that instead of the symptoms that problem causes. 

This focus makes a functional medicine provider a great option if you’ve spent too much time visiting other providers and are taking medicine that only masks pain or treats the underlying symptoms of a condition. 

A New Perspective on Lab Results

We’ve already talked about the ways functional medicine looks at the individual and searches for the root cause of the problem. Labs typically tell you if you’re in the range of normal with anything outside that range being labeled “high” or “low.” But a functional medicine provider will look at the numbers on your lab report and see what that means for your specific health. 

While some results might be considered in the realm of “normal,”  an elevation, change, or decrease in your numbers can give your provider certain insight into potential health concerns or problems.

More Extensive Labs

This benefit builds off the way a functional medicine provider interprets your labs. Since that provider is looking for any change in your numbers — and what that means for your health — they will also want different lab tests done. 

The traditional labs other providers request indicate if you need a specific medication or treatment plan. But since functional medicine works on looking beyond treating those acute problems, they want to see what different deficiencies and imbalances you have to get closer to the root of your problem. 

Customized Plan

Functional medicine works to create a customized plan for you and your body to help restore balance and normal function. Your provider will look at your lifestyle and the imbalances in your body and work to create a plan that will help your specific body. Part of this customized plan also focuses on preventing chronic conditions in the first place by making sure your body is healthy and healing correctly. 

Natural Treatments 

When we say natural treatments, we don’t mean to say that functional medicine is anti-medication. Instead, functional medicine has embraced the idea that some natural treatments might provide the right treatment options or relief. 

If something natural will work better than a medication, a functional medicine provider will take that route. 

More One-On-One Time

Since functional medicine approaches your health and care from an individualized standpoint, your provider needs to spend more time with you. This gives them the opportunity to understand your health history, your symptoms, and any other factors that could contribute to your overall health. 


Functional medicine encourages patients to advocate for themselves. It can be hard getting treatments and medications that merely treat the symptoms and do little to help improve the actual problem. But when patients visit a functional medicine provider, they are able to discuss those concerns and advocate for themselves. 

When you play an active role in their treatment plan, like changing food choices, sleep habits, and exercise routines, you can feel like you’re in control of your treatment and are working to treat the problem, not just the symptoms. 

Stem Cell Therapy and Functional Medicine

At Beyer Stem Cell Institute in Tinley Park, our functional medicine provider specializes in stem cell therapy, a type of regenerative medicine.

Like with the goal of functional medicine, stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine work with the body to target and heal the root of the problem. When stem cells are injected into the body, they encourage the other cells in the body to regenerate and regrow. Instead of making the symptoms of pain, stem cells target the area of your body is damaged. 

As the cells regrow, you will experience pain relief because there are new, healthy cells in your body. This, coupled with the other benefits of finding a functional medicine provider, allow you to focus on the cause of your pain, put your health first, and find a custom individualized plan to help your body in the best way possible. 

Stem Cell Therapy at Beyer Stem Cell Institute 

When it comes to your health, there are many benefits of moving over to a functional medicine provider. At Beyer Stem Cell Institute in Tinley Park, our provider has dedicated himself to using regenerative medicine to help the body heal and provides his patients with pain relief and improved health.

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