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Regenerative Medicine As An Alternative Pain Relief

If you experience pain from a chronic condition or other illness, you know it can be debilitating. That’s why our team at Beyer Regenerative Medicine is committed to providing a safe and effective alternative for pain relief, whether you have arthritis, joint pain, or are looking for an anti-aging solution. If you live in or are visiting the Naperville area, make sure you stop by our office to learn more about the ways stem cell therapy can help you. Sign up for our free Regenerative Medicine seminar today!

Regenerative Medicine might be the alternative you’ve been looking for to get pain relief. Regenerative Medicine is:


  • A non-invasive procedure
  • Safe and effective for treating pain
  • A way to encourage your cells to regenerate and heal
  • An FDA-approved treatment

Regenerative Medicine As A Pain Relief Alternative

How We Use Stem Cell Therapy 

Stem cell therapy works because it introduces mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) into the body. These MSCs work as messengers that signal cells to regenerate, helping your body heal. As the body ages naturally, the amount of MSCs present in the body decreases, sometimes leaving patients with chronic pain because the body cannot regenerate those damaged cells. 

If you experience chronic pain, joint pain, arthritis, or other health problems, regenerative stem cell therapy might be a good option to encourage your body to heal naturally.


Using Umbilical Cord Stem Cells 

Umbilical cord blood contains a high amount of MSCs, making it a good source of stem cells for stem cell therapy. Since these MSCs are so young, the body does not see them as foreign cells and instead accepts them into the body. 

These umbilical stem cells are donated by healthy mothers and babies, complying with all the FDA and medical guidelines for donation.  


Stem Cells For Anti-Aging 

As the body ages, more and more cells in the body become damaged and stop repairing themselves. The body also experiences a reduction in the amount of MSCs present in the body. This makes stem cell therapy a good treatment to help decrease certain effects associated with aging and slow down the process of cell damage. Ultimately, introducing MSCs in the body can encourage an improvement in immune functions, physical dexterity, hair quality, joint stiffness, and other effects of aging. 


Safe, Effective, And Non-Invasive 

Stem cell therapy is a safe alternative to surgeries and other medications since it requires almost no recovery time. Additionally, the MSCs encourage cells to regenerate and grow, helping to heal areas that are causing pain. Stem cell therapy follows all safety standards for FDA approval and has no documented reactions. 



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Beyer Regenerative Medicine 

At Beyer Regenerative Medicine, we believe in the regenerative effects of stem cell therapy. If you’re looking for pain relief from chronic pain, joint pain, or arthritis, attend our seminar to see if regenerative stem cell therapy is something that would help your body recover from pain and other cell damage. 

If you live in or are visiting the town of Naperville and suffer from pain, make sure you reach out to us to learn more about stem cell therapy! We also host a free stem cell therapy seminar to help you learn more about the possibilities with and application of stem cells.


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